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19 April 2006

The Blog Has Moved!!

This blog is now hosted on the Secrets of Paris website. Enjoy browsing around the archives here, then come see what's new!

10 April 2006

The Hash in the French News


Last Sunday a journalist and photographer from the French daily Libération came to the Sans Clue Hash. Funny article (particularly the translations of the Hash names). Check it out here if you can read French. Bonus points for anyone who guesses which Hash name is mine (my real name isn't mentioned in the article). I'm in the photo, too, the one in white fleece and black pants behind the guy drinking -- mostly wearing -- the beer.

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09 April 2006

Around Aligre...

The weather has picked up a bit in Paris. Less rain, more sun, tons of wind. Spring, actually. Here are some pics from a stroll through down the Faubourg St-Atoine and the Marché Aligre.

One of the many passages of the Faubourg where you'll still find Parisian furniture makers.

A bit of Andalucia in Paris...the yellow forsythia is in bloom.

Fishmonger humor at the Marché Aligre.

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